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27 November 2020
Ozone-Generator-Generatore Ozono-Galli-Sanificazione-Disinfezione-Sanifications-Disinfections-03

GO3 Ozone Generator

GO3 Professional Ozone Generator Portable device with handle; Predisposition for wall fixing; The GO3 generator produces Ozone, a special form of Oxygen that is able to […]
16 November 2020

SE-Series Environmental Test Chambers

SE-Series Environmental Test Chambers Taking Environmental Product Testing to the Next Level Thoroughly testing products prior to consumer use is vital to the successof your business.Thermotron’s […]
22 October 2020
Galli-Oven-Stufe-GMicro-Micro Stufa-01

GMicro Laboratory Micro Oven

GMicro Laboratory Micro Oven Ideal for trials and tests without compromise SMART AdvancedGalliSystem control system: microprocessor with double DIGITAL Display and Optimized Control algorithm with PID […]
21 October 2020
Galli-Stufa-Aria Naturale-Isco-Usata-11

Natural Air Oven 105L +300°C

Natural Air Oven 105L +300°C Temperature range from ambient temperature + 5 ° C to + 300 ° C N ° 01 Removable and height adjustable […]
13 July 2017
Galli-Gibry, Fornetto, Hybridization Laboratory Research Ovens

Gibry Hybridization Oven

Gibry Hybridization Ovens Galli’s Original Equipments Gibry Hybridization Ovens by Galli, applications: southern (DNA), northern (RNA) and western hybridizations, custom focused genotyping, linkage analysis, sequencing-based methylation analysis, […]