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24 August 2018
Galli, Galli, Ghibli, Laboratory Test Ovens, Natural Air, Forced Air, +300°C 50L, 80L, 120L

GHIBLI Laboratory Oven GREEN AdvancedGalliSystem +300°C

GHIBLI Laboratory Ovens GREEN AdvancedGalliSystem +300°C Galli’s Original Equipments GHIBLI Laboratory Ovens by Galli • External structure solvent free • Ecological Multilayer thermal insulated • Chamber in […]
14 July 2017

GTherm Thermostatic Oven

GTherm Thermostatic Ovens Galli’s Original Equipments GTherm Thermostatic Ovens by Galli, suitable for your applications: precise thermostating, heating, drying, polimerization, expansion, cooking, stabilization, tempering, fixing, bonding, […]
12 July 2017

GTEST Climatic Chamber, Thermostatic Incubator

GTEST Climatic Chambers, Thermostatic, Original Galli GTEST models offer different solutions for your testing requirements working with control of temperature and relative humidity. Galli offers GTEST […]
12 July 2017

Biolog Laboratory Cooled Incubator

Biolog Laboratory Cooled Incubators Galli’s Original Equipments Cooled Laboratory Incubators Model Biolog, Galli’s Original Equipments, suitable for applications of microbiology, bacteriology, growth microorganisms, drosophila, daphnia, insects, algae, […]
11 July 2017

G-Cell Laboratory Incubator

G-Cell Laboratory Incubators Galli’s Original Equipments Laboratory incubators Model GCell, suitable for medical research, food analysis, water analysis, quality control, HCCP, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. […]
11 July 2017

GLadyBug Small Laboratory Incubator

GLadyBug Small Laboratory Incubators Galli’s Original Equipments New line of compact GLadyBug Laboratory Incubators, Galli’s Original Equipments, ideal Microbiology, Bacteriology medical research, food analysis, water analysis, quality […]