Celle Climatiche

14 September 2021
Galli-Thermotron-Camera Climatica-climatic Chamber-SE

SE-Series Environmental Test Chambers

Taking Environmental Product Testing to the Next Level Thoroughly testing products prior to consumer use is vital to the successof your business.Thermotron’s SE-Series Chambers expose products […]
21 October 2020
Galli-Cella Climatica-Nuova-12-240L +70°C

Climatic Chamber 240L +70°C

Climatic Chamber 240L +70°C Temperature range from 0 ° C to + 70 ° C N ° 02 Removable and height adjustable shelves Useful measures 650x485x760mm […]
18 September 2020
Galli-Thermotron-Camera Climatica-climatic Chamber-Halt and Hass

Halt and Hass Improve Product Reliabolity

Halt and Hass Improve Product Reliabolity Thermotron’s innovative Accelerated Stress Testing systems for Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) find product […]
16 September 2020
Galli-Thermotron-Camera Climatica-climatic Chamber-ATS Shock Termico-Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock Classic Model ATS

Taking Environmental Product Testing to the Next Level Thermal Shock Chambers, proposed by F.lli Galli, subject products to widely varying temperatures at a fast change rate. The vertical, […]
14 September 2020

GAutostill Distiller

GAutostill Construction Features -Construction entirely in satin stainless steel “Scotch Brite” AISI 304 for maximum hygiene of use, corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning;– Easily separable […]
11 September 2020
Galli-GDemi-Serie5000-Demineralizzatore-Nebbia Salina-Cella Climatica

GDEMI 5000 Series

Interchangeable Resin Demineralization System GDEMI 5000 series demineralization systems, with digital conductivity meter. Fields of application • Accumulators, batteries;• Aquariums;• Autoclaves;• Salt Mists;• Climatic chambers;• Research […]
19 December 2019

GhygrocellSO2 Test Chamber Kesternich SO2

Corrosion tests by cyclic exposure to an acidic environment and saturated with moisture Standard Features With Constant and High Temperature and Climate With addition of SO2 […]
19 December 2019
Galli-Thermotron-Camera Climatica-climatic Chamber-ATSS-30

Thermal Shock Model ATSS-30

New standards Minimum Footprint > Better Use of Space Multipurpose room > Heating and cooling in both rooms Set-Point margins > pre-cooling and pre-heating High Performance […]
18 December 2019

Ghygrocell Humidity Test Chambers

Corrosion tests by exposure to a saturated humidity environment Standard Features With Constant Temperature and Climate In accordance with the following rules: ASTM D1735, ASTM D2247, […]