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5 December 2019

GHUMY-U Climatic Chamber , Thermostatic Benchtop

U Series Climatica Chamber Temperature amb. + 5,0°C to +90,0°C Sterilisation cycle at +180°C Relative humidity from 20% to 95% Limits according to temperature and ambient […]
5 December 2019

MF200 High TEMPERATURE muffle furnaces

MF200 muffle ovens for HIGH TEMPERATURE + 1200°C Original Galli running from floor, with supporting frame. The muffle furnaces Model MF200 Original Galli, are ideal furnaces […]
12 July 2017

GheatView Thermostat with Transparent Tanks

GheatView Thermostats with Transparent Tanks Galli’s Original Equipments Thermostats GheatView with Transparent Tanks, suitable for thermostatic applications for use at +60,0°C and/or + 99,9°C. On all […]
12 July 2017
Galli-Bath-GheatVisco, Bagno per Viscosimetria, Viscosity Baths, tubi capillari Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelohde, Cristallografia, ASTM, Olio, Oils

GheatVisco Viscometer Bath

GheatVisco Viscometer Baths Galli’s Original Equipments Digital Viscometry Bath GheatVisco for the measurement of viscosity fluid samples through capillary tubes, as: Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelohde, … Available also for […]
12 July 2017

GShake Reciprocating Shaking Bath – Dubnoff

GShake Reciprocating Shaking Baths – Dubnoff Galli’s Original Equipments Thermostatic Reciprocating Shaking Baths GShake by Galli, ideal for Coagulation, Cytochemistry, Dialysis, Enzyme tests, Genetic, Hormone, Immunological […]
12 July 2017

GBath and GView Transparent and Stainless Steel Tanks

G-Bath and G-View Transparent and Stainless Steel Tanks by Galli -Thermostatic Bath with insulated tank in stainless steel PLUS • Insulated Tank in stainless steel for […]