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19 December 2019
ghygrocellso2-galli-kesternich-test chamber

GHygrocellSO2 Test Chamber Kesternich SO2

Test chamber kesternich SO2 with alternating cycles Corrosion tests by cyclic exposure to an acidic environment and saturated with moisture Standard Features With Constant and High […]
19 December 2019

Thermal Shock Model ATSS-30

New standards Minimum Footprint > Better Use of Space Multipurpose room > Heating and cooling in both rooms Set-Point margins > pre-cooling and pre-heating High Performance […]
13 July 2017
Galli, Baths, Gheat, Termostato ad Immersione, Gruppo Termostatico, Immersion Thermostat, Circulator, Laboratory, Laboratorio

Gheat Laboratory Immersion Thermostat

Gheat Laboratory Immersion Thermostats by Galli Immersion Thermostat Gheat for Laboratory precision applications. New Design, Original Galli. Applicable to on various containers, through the clamp on […]
13 July 2017
Galli, Baths, GheatBath, Bagno termostatico Thermostatic Baths, Circulators, Laboratory, Laboratorio

GheatBath Heating Circulator with Open Tank

GheatBath Heating Circulators with Open Tank Galli’s Original Equipment Thermostat GheatBath with Open Tank, suitable for precision thermostatic application in laboratories. All models are made in […]
12 July 2017

GheatCool Laboratory Refrigerated Circulator

GheatCool Refrigerated Circulators by Galli Refrigerated Thermostatic Baths GheatCool, Galli’s Original Equipments, advanced technology, suitable for all applications where it is necessary to work with thermostatic temperature […]
12 July 2017

GheatView Thermostat with Transparent Tanks

GheatView Thermostats with Transparent Tanks Galli’s Original Equipments Thermostats GheatView with Transparent Tanks, suitable for thermostatic applications for use at +60,0°C and/or + 99,9°C. On all […]