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Stability Tests

What is the Stability Test?

With the climate cell stability test, it is possible to reproduce specific environmental and climatic characteristics within a controlled environment.
In conclusion, the stability test is necessary, not only to check if the tissues or vaccines you want to analyse can be used in the stable area, but also to meet the requirements of various organizations such as ICH, WHO, FDA.

The climate chamber

The climate chambers from Fratelli Galli, give the opportunity to simulate the desired climate in a predefined time period.
The factors that can be examined using the Gallic climate chambers are many: from temperature to climate; resulting from the interaction between light and humidity.
You can analyze the material properties and see the effect of the simulated environment on the sample.
The Fratelli Galli climate chambers ensure exact results on both short-duration tests and longer tests.

Climate Rooms and Cells for Original Environmental Simulation Galli accurately reproduce the temperature of a given environment.
Regulations to be met and products to be tested can find the right simulation and stress way among our standard models, or in the design and manufacture of “tailored” models.
Galli offers Rooms and Climate Cells from a few litres of capacity up to large volumes and accessible walk-in rooms. Temperature can range from -70 degrees Celsius to 180 degrees Celsius, or from -150 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius for special versions. The humidification systems that we manage include both direct and indirect systems without areosols.

A Climatic Chamber Galli allows to carry out tests and tests with simple and complex thermo-climate profiles, repetitions, managing the recording of the trend of environmental parameters, such as temperature and relative humidity. At Galli, we offer solutions that combine the climate cell with recorders compliant with both the ICH Pharmacopea Regulations with inviolable data according to CFR,11 security protocols. In addition, a Thermostatic Camera or Cell can be designed to be built in accordance with regulations of other technologically advanced sectors such as Aeronautic, Space, Military, Electronic, for example the norm AMS2750E can be satisfied.
All Thermostatic and Climatic Gaul Chambers can be provided with an official ACCREDIA calibration ratio (formerly SIT) or with an original Factory ratio, always with international references ACCREDIA and LAT.

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