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6 December 2019

Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers The Salt Spray Chamber for Cyclic Tests, called CCT, is a family of chambers to reproduce in a single apparatus […]
5 December 2019

MF400 High TEMPERATURE muffle furnaces

MF100 muffle ovens for HIGH TEMPERATURE + 1400°C Original Galli The muffle furnaces Model MF100 Original Galli, are ideal furnaces for your laboratory applications and for […]
13 July 2017

GBLOCK Thermostatic Dry Block Heater

GBLOCK Thermostatic Dry Block Heaters Original Galli’s Equipments The multi-purpose Dry Block Heaters GBLOCK by Galli are suitable for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, […]
13 July 2017

GLadyBug Small Laboratory Oven

GLadyBug Small Laboratory Ovens, Galli’s Original Equipments New line of compact GLadyBug Thermostatic Laboratory Ovens, Original Galli, ideal for your applications: precise thermostating, heating, drying, polimerization, expansion, […]
12 July 2017

GShake Reciprocating Shaking Bath – Dubnoff

GShake Reciprocating Shaking Baths – Dubnoff Galli’s Original Equipments Thermostatic Reciprocating Shaking Baths GShake by Galli, ideal for Coagulation, Cytochemistry, Dialysis, Enzyme tests, Genetic, Hormone, Immunological […]
12 July 2017
Galli-Bath-GSonic, Bagno Ultrasioni, Ultrasonic Baths, Pulizia, degassaggio, Cleaning, Degasing

GSonic Laboratory Ultrasonic Bath

GSonic Laboratory Ultrasonic Baths Galli’s Original Equipments Ultrasonic Baths Model GSonic for clinical, biological, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Ideal for cleaning glass parts laboratory, degassing of liquids, […]