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18 December 2019
ghygrocell-galli-cellaclimatica-climatic chamber-prove-umidostatiche-umidità

GHygrocell Humidity Test Chambers

Humidity Test Chambers Corrosion tests by exposure to a saturated humidity environment Standard Features With Constant Temperature and Climate In accordance with the following rules: ASTM […]
18 December 2019
gtestdina-galli-camera climatica-climatic chamber-material testing-prove materiali

GTestDina Materials Testing Chamber

Materials Testing Chamber designed for Dynamometers GTestDina Chambers designed to test materials in combination with dynamometers and test benches Ambient Temp. to +300°C -40/-70°C a +180°C […]
5 December 2019

MF200 High TEMPERATURE muffle furnaces

MF200 muffle ovens for HIGH TEMPERATURE + 1200°C Original Galli running from floor, with supporting frame. The muffle furnaces Model MF200 Original Galli, are ideal furnaces […]
5 December 2019

MF350 Tubular muffle furnaces for HIGH TEMPERATURE

MF350 Tubular muffle furnaces for HIGH TEMPERATURE from +600°C to +1400°C Original Galli, also in special design with quartz tube. The muffle furnaces Model MF350 Original […]
5 December 2019

GTestBox Climatic Chamber, thermostatic

Climatic Chamber Model GTestBox Climatic cells for simulation environmental test. Ideal for the industrial sector, automotive, aeronautical, electronic, optical, semiconductor, biological, chemical and pharmaceutical studies thin […]
5 December 2019

GTestVOC Emission test Chambers

GTestVOC Emission test Chambers, According to EN ISO 16000-9, EN 717-1, ASTM D 6007 Climatic chambers for emission tests VOC and formaldehyde volatile organic compounds. Chamber […]