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Ultrasound Degassing

The ultrasound and antifoam degassing of liquids is an application interested in the laboratory ultrasound baths. These latters have the property of removing the little gas bubbles in the liquids.

Elimination of Ultrasound Gasses in the Liquids

The elimination of gasses in the liquids is necessary for a good propagation of voiced waves in the liquids. The degassing is necessary for many reasons: it can be made when it is needed a solvent without air, in order to avoid unwanted reactions with the solute, or to prevent the formation of bubbles in the liquid, which must be solidified later, in fact the presence of gas alters the mechanical properties of the material.
The degassing is often used for these reasons in many procedures in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The solubility of gasses in the liquids is regulated by the Henry’s law, that states:
“At constant temperature, the quantitative of gas that can melt in a liquid is proportional to the pressure above the liquid” consequently the reduction of pressure, due to the action of ultrasound waves, generates a reduction of the solubility of the gas itself. This process is called sonification.

The Gsonic laboratory ultrasound bath

The Original Gsonic laboratory ultrasound baths from Galli are used in clinic, biologic, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

  • The Gsonic laboratory ultrasound bath is perfect for the cleanliness of the laboratory glassware, the degassing of liquids, the cleanliness of sieves and strainers, the cleanliness of metallic parts, electronic cards, injectors and nozzles and small items.
  • The Gsonic laboratory ultrasound bath is used in the industry, in the research and in the gold or optic or precision handicraft.


  • AG-System: PID Digital microprocessor control,
  • LCD display,
  • internal and external in INOX AISI 304 steel,
  • easy to clean
  • degassing functions
  • drain valve
  • temperature field of from Room Temperature +5,0°C to +75,0°C -Volumes: 2.5, 4, 6, 9, 12, 28, 45, 85 litres
  • other measures and special volumes on request
  • Made in Italy.

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