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18 December 2019
galli-Prova Polvere-Test Penetrazione Polvere-giptest-IP Test

GipTest Chamber for Dust Penetration Tests

Chamber for Dust Penetration Tests Meets IEC/CEI EN 60529 Fig. 2 for IP5X- IP6X protection Main Features Internal Chamber Size 1000x1000x1000mm lxpxh Door with Seals and […]
18 December 2019

GWalkIn- Modular Accessible Chamber

MODULAR ACCESSIBLE CHAMBER Main Feautures • Modular Design • Inox AISI 304 interior • Insulation 120mm • Easily Transportable • Assembled on site • Optimized Air […]
11 July 2017

GCOOL Cooled Laboratory Incubator

GCool Cooled Laboratory Incubators Galli’s Original Equipments Cooled Laboratory Incubators GCool Model Galli’s Original Equipments, suitable for applications of microbiology, bacteriologygrowth microorganisms, drosophila, daphnia, insects, algae, zebra-fish, […]
11 July 2017

5800 Horizontal Flow Laboratory Incubator

5800 Horizontal Flow Laboratory Incubators Galli’s Original Equipments Low Horizontal Flow Incubators model 5800 Galli’s Original Equipments suitable for medical research, food analysis, water analysis, quality […]
23 October 2016

M91 Micro Incubator

M91 Micro Incubator Original Galli The Micro Incubator Model M91, is the ideal tool for the biological laboratory, bacteriology, serology, biological micro cultures, diagnostic and food […]