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Deteriorability Tests


For the production companies, it has always been an urgent need to study the degree of wear to which the materials used in the different stages of production are subject the effects that time has on finished products.
In order to meet these needs, the different stages of the ageing process of materials must be analysed, but the elements that determine degradation are andinvolve a considerable number of variables.
In conclusion, this is how we want to study how a material will behave under certain environmental conditions like accelerated aging tests come into play , which give the opportunity to determine the quality of a product by accelerating its life cycle.

Objectives of a degradation test

The objectives that can be achieved with a degradation test are multiple, but generally the most requested investigations are the following:

• Analyze the life of a product or material under certain environmental conditions;

• To encourage congenital degradation with appropriate techniques, which reproduce external variables and give the possibility of giving a preventive assessment of the phenomenons;

• Observe the degrading mechanisms of the material, to understand which are the most sensitive components;

• Compare the products of the competitors.

Products for accelerated aging testing

The Galli brothers have been designing and producing high-performing and durable accelerated ageing test rooms for over sixty years.

  • GTest Light Climate Rooms with Lights, Original Gauls
  • AST Chamber for halt HASS tests
  • GHUMY Camera Climatic, Thermostatic
  • SE Environmental Simulation Chamber
  • GTestVOC Emission test Chambers
  • MF350 Tubular Muffle Ovens for ALTA TEMPERATURE from .600
  • degrees Celsius to 1400 degrees Celsius
  • MF200 Muffle ovens for ALTA
  • GHUMY-U Climate Room, Banco Thermostatic

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