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Corrosion Test


What is corrosion ?

The term indicates a natural and irreversible process of slow and continuous consumption of a material, with the consequent deterioration of the characteristics and / or physical properties of the material involved. This phenomenon occurs by a physical-chemical interaction of the material with the environment which surrounds it, mainly electrochemical interaction.

Corrosion affects only the metals?

Despite the term it is commonly associated to metallic materials, that is, to metals and their alloys, the phenomenon involves many other types of materials, also non-metallic; in general this emergence it can also be defined as a process of degradation and recomposition of the material in question with other elements present in the environment or with which it comes in contact.

Why do these tests?

The aim of the corrosion tests in salt spray or mist cyclic salt marshes, is to study, learn, highlight the differences and peculiarities of different materials, processes, treatments and coatings have on the start and on the development of corrosion, both on the surface in ‘intimacy of the tested materials.

What corrosion test standards Galli products can meet?

Galli offers testing equipment can meet the requirements found in the regulations and specifications of international standards, including: ASTM, DIN, IEC, Volvo, GM, GMW, VDA, FIAT, DEF, BS, MIL, EN , JIS, STD, AS, ECC, CET, JASO, P-VW. For different sectors of the paint industry, surface treatments, automotive, aeronautical, spatial, military, civil, …

  • Neutral Salt Spray (NSS)  testing chamber
  • Salt Acetic Spray (AASS)  testing chamber
  • Cupric Acetic Salt Spray (CASS)  testing chamber
  • GygroCell Humidity test chamber or cabinet (UNI EN ISO 6270, DIN 50017)
  • Kesternich SO2 test chamber (UNI EN ISO 6988, DIN 50018)
  • SWAAT  Test chamber or cabinet (ASTM G85 A3 Method)
  • Corrosion test with Fog modified salt with sulfur dioxide (ASTM G85 A4 Method)
  • Cyclic Test Chamber (CTT) which combines the functions Hot, Dry, Moist, Condensation in a single device.
  • Intergranular Corrosion resistance tests of stainless steel (ASTM A262)
  • Proof of duplex steels corrosion (ASTM A923)
  • Blistering test of paint (ASTM D714)
  • Resistance test to fluid (Automotive sector)

How is the test?

In corrosion rooms in Salt Spray Galli, the corrosion resistance evaluation is performed by subjecting the materials in direct contact with chemical agents under conditions of temperature, humidity and exposure controlled, in full compliance with relevant regulations.

What kind of Salt Spray test chamber, Cyclic Corrosion test chamber or cabinets should I choose to run my erosion test?

Among the products found Galli Salt Spray test chamber CORROTEST 500L and 1000L
Ascott models 120L, 450, 1000L, 1600L, 2000 L, 2600L
Cyclic Corrosion test chambe ATMOSFAAR 1300L and 2600L
GhygroCell% RH cabinets for humidostatic tests and SO2 for Kesternich tests
as well as throughout a proposal for specific equipment.

Galli offers a wide range of products and NACL Pure Salt according to ASTM B117 Standard.
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