Accelerated Aging

Accelerated Aging

Accelerated Aging Tests

The tests of accelerated aging are carried out by simulating conditions that greatly exceed those of normal operation. It has been shown that, by increasing the environmental stresses applied to a product in a controlled manner, it is possible to stimulate and verify the failure mechanisms that will present it over time when its robustness has undergone a normal degradation. In particular, two separate procedures have the highest recognitions for their proven effectiveness: HALT test (HighlyAccelerated Life Test)and HASS test (HighlyAccelerated Stress Screen).

HALT and HASS tests

The HALT test is a procedure that simulates the aging of a device: through fatigue stresses (thermals, mechanics and electrics), it allows to highlight, if any, the project problems and defects of production in a very short time. During this test, the tested product is destroyed, and the results obtained are then used by the technical department to correct design problems and by suppliers to improve the quality of the components. This evidence is more widespread in the North American market, but in recent years they have also been adopted in Europe.
While the HALT is being prototyping or constructing the product, the HASS test is performed before the finished product is placed on the market.

These two tests significantly reduce time-to-market prototyping and time-to-market time, as well as minimise warranty withdrawals and replacements.


Simulation Chamber for Accelerated Aging

With the technology of the Systems of Galli it is possible to simulate in advance all environmental conditions, for example: temperature, climate, corrosion and combined stress tests.
Galli offers a wide range of systems and devices for environmental simulation. Whether it’s temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, emissions, altitude, pressure or combined stress tests.

Galli offers an Environmental Simulation Chamber: the Thermotron Climate Cell designed for environmental testing at the highest level.
(Carefullytesting products before using them is critical to the success of every business.) The rooms in Thermotron’s SE series, represented exclusively throughout italy, display the products a variety of temperatures and humidity levels, offering the most complete way possible to improve the reliability of your products.
La SE Series provide and accurate and reliable test results. With more standard features and better performance than, SE-series rooms offer solutions to all dynamic testing.

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13 September 2021

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