28 September 2021
Galli-Accessori-Option-Seed Blower-Separatore di Semi

Seed Blower

The seed blower is used for a quick and easy separation of light and heavy seeds. The seed is filled into a drawer inside the acrylic […]
23 September 2021
Galli-Casi di Successo-Goven Top-Stufa-Oven-Carica dall'alto-Top Loading-Customized

Goven Top Laboratory Oven with Top Charge

Goven Top Laboratory Oven with Top Charge Brochure Phone: +39 0290720705 Leave us a message, we will contact you as soon as possible.
16 September 2021
Galli-Data Logger-GCX402-T2M-XX

DataLogger Bluetooth with Display GCX402-T2M-XX

Version with integrated temperature sensor and external sensor. Front display.Ideal for monitoring refrigerators, freezers, warehouses and transport at controlled temperaturesWireless data transmission via Bluetooth® to an […]
16 September 2021

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710-IR

“Able to read signals in the infrared spectrum” InnoScan 710 Infrared Microarray ScannerThe Innoscan 710-IR is able to read signals in the near infrared spectrum. This […]
15 September 2021
Galli-Nebbia-Salina-Ciclica-Salt Spray-Cyclic-Chamber-Cabinet-ASTM-450

Salt Spray Chamber for Extra Tests

Nebbia Salina Corrosione Standard ASTM B117 Galli Assistenza italia Ascott Vendita
15 September 2021

Bench-Top Salt Spray Chamber

Nebbia Salina Corrosione Standard ASTM B117 Galli Assistenza italia Ascott Vendita
13 September 2021

GENVIRO Large Thermostatic and Climatic Chamber

Thermostatic and Climatic Chambers, Galli’s Original Equipments, for environmental simulation tests. Suitable for automotive, aeronautical, electronic, optical, semiconductor, biological, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Ideal for environmental simulation […]
21 October 2020
Galli-Incubatore-Aria Naturale-GCell-Usato-10

Natural Air Incubator 75L +80°C

Natural Air Incubator 75L +80°C Temperature range from room temperature + 5 ° C to + 80 ° C Internal glass door N ° 02 Removable […]
21 September 2020

GREFRY-1400 Professional Laboratory Refrigerator

Ideal for correct storage at low temperatures. Excellent thermal insulation on all walls. Stainless steel interior – Painted exterior Removable and height-adjustable shelves. Door with magnetic […]