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Applicazioni – Technical Field Application

The Galli Fratelli design and manufacture equipment is a must and above all, with you, we imagine the future and build tools that are real “out of standard range” to meet the needs of our customers applications. Galli products are used every day for over 50 years in various sectors. Temperature, heat, cold, humidity, dry, radiation, gases, dust, pressure, vacuum, vibration, … are some of the environmental parameters that are played and kept under close monitoring at Galli equipment to meet the different needs and applications of laboratory and industry.

Below you will find the main applications for which are used the Galli products.

Life Sciences Applications

Study cell and DNA, the growth of microorganisms, insects, invertebrates, plants, fungi, bacteria, biotechnology research, the pharmaceutical industry, the medicine, and many other applications, found in Galli a targeted solution, like a water bath, a scanner for micro array, a CO2 incubator, a climatic chamber or a grow chamber.

Electronic applications

The study of photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, the application of nanotechnology require innovative tools and Galli are at your disposal to find and propose new solutions. The Web, the Internet, Broadband, the Fiber Optics, microprocessors, semiconductors, memories, MEMS, Mobile Phones, Radio Links, Telecommunications, … increasingly miniaturized devices, powerful, … need fast and reliable tools to be able to analyze and assess performance, reliability, product life to shorten the “time to market”, like a Climatic Test Chamber or a Ageing High Performance Oven from the Galli portfolio of products.

Environmental applications

Environmental Protection, Control of Subtle powders “PPM”, The fumes of VOCs, Formaldehyde, the environmental impact, the analysis of water, the Toxicological tests, the BOD, flocculation, are studies and activities that are in Galli products a current and reliable answer.

Applications Automotive and Aeronautics

The automotive industry, motorcycle, aerospace submit their products to rigorous daily testing thanks to Galli products, such as Celle Climatic, testing rooms combined with dynamometers, to vibrators or test benches, along with Salt Spray Chambers for Cyclic Test.

Metallurgical applications

The Metallurgical tests on metals, Cooking, Tempering, the Tempra, Rapid Prototyping, the use of zirconium, Sintering need a cryostat, a stove, an oven or muffle efficient that Galli offers.

Automation applications

Automation, Load, Automatic Drain, Doors and Covers tires, integration with existing production and test systems, Home Automation, Transportation, Speed, … all these applications are solutions in Galli products, such as the oven with a load on the ground for trucks or the calibration bath with automatic acquisition of data of the probes.

Vacuum cooking applications

In addition to the Scientific and Industrial sector, the Galli offers to the food industry a line of instruments for applications under Vacuum, with a special line SousVideItaly. Even in the kitchen you can take advantage of scientific instruments specially designed for cooking food more aware, at the molecular level.