21CB High Performance Thermostatic Oven for IEC, CEI Tests


Thermostatic Ovens 21CB model Galli’s Original Equipments  suitable for your applications: test cables and aging plastics, precise thermostating, heating, drying, polimerization, expansion, cooking, stabilization, tempering, fixing, bonding, heat treatment, accelerated aging, sterilizing, burn-in, inert atmosphere treatments.


• AG-System Control: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive. Version: PRO/TALENT
• According to CEI 2034 Standard from 8 to 20 air exchange/hour
• Range Temperature: From Amb. Temp. +5,0°C to +300°C
• Inner Chamber in stainless steel with special flaps
• Dynamic and homogeneous Forced Air circulation System Features
• External structure, powder coated, solvent-free. Light gray RAL 7035
• Silicone door gasket
• Heat by armored heaters
• Forced assisted circulation system
• Adjustment device ventilation
• Natural air convection selector
• Resolution ± 0,1°C
• Speed control from 100% to 20%
• PID Digital, double display with Autotuning functions
• Platinum Probe PT100 Class A
• N° 01 RS232 connection to PC
• Indipendent Safety thermostat Class 3.1
• Made in Italy

Standard Equipments

• N° 02 Shelves, removable and adjustable height
• N° 01 Top rack with No. 02 Sticks suitable to support parts under test
• N° 01 Through hole diam. 23mm with silicone plug
• N° 01 Supply cable
• N° 01 CE Conformity Certificate
• N° 01 Instruction Manual
• N° 01 Warranty Certificate


• Door window and inner light
• Software GLogger for visualize and recorder temperature
• Digital energy Meter for the calculation of air changes



21CB High Performance Thermostatic Oven for IEC, CEI Tests

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