Since 1960 Fratelli Galli Company provides solutions for the scientific laboratory and industrial testing.

Today Fratelli Galli is a leader in the sector and offers all its experience to customers who are located throughout Italy and all over the world. Whatever your application, here you will find listening to your specific needs. If among our products there is not what is right for you, we are available to design and create a new tool that meets your expectations.

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Fratelli Galli: your technology partner!



Fratelli Galli products are used in various sectors: In the Scientific, Pharmaceutical and Food sectors – In University and Technological research – In the Automotive, Railway, Aerospace and Electronics industries – In the field of Molecular Biology, Microarrays, Fermentation, study of molds, yeasts and insects – in the analysis of water, milk, beverages and oils – in the production of composite materials, plastics, carbon, nanotechnologies – in the sector of molecular cuisine, sous vide, cooking Sous-vide, Low Temperature Cooking – In the analysis of Pollution, Formaldehyde emissions, Volatile Organic Compounds, Fine Dusts – In the fight against Covid-19: in the disinfection of environments and surfaces.


Fratelli Galli offers Standard products and manufactured on specific customer requirements: Thermostatic Ovens for Laboratory and Industrial applications. Vacuum and Inert Gas Ovens. High temperature Muffle Furnaces, tubular. Climatic Test Chambers for environmental simulation tests, cells for emissions tests, VOCs, formaldehyde. Accessible Rooms and Climatic Chambers, Germinals, Growth Chambers. Shaker for Vibration and Combined Tests. Stress ESS and Halt & Hass. Salt mist for standard corrosion tests and cyclic tests. Refrigerators for low temperature tests and storage, combined refrigerators. Freezers and ULT Ultra Low Freezers for very low temperatures. Distillators and Demineralizers for water treatment. Thermostatic Baths, Thermostats, Refrigerated Baths, Chillers, Water, Oil, Sand, Dry. Laboratory Incubators, CO2, Refrigerated Thermostats, Refrigerated Incubators, Macro Incubators. Agitators and Flocculators for water analysis. Microarray Scanners, MicroPrinter Printers. Hydrogen Peroxide, UVC Germicidal Light, Ozone, Virkon Instruments for Sanitization and Disinfection. Instrumentation, Thermometers, Hygrometers, DataLogger. Perfect Molecular Cooking Tool, VousVide, Roner. Instrumentation used, guaranteed. OutLet, End of Series, Surplus Occasions.