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The cytogenetic studies the chromosomal of individuals (karyotype) to identify the presence of any abnormalities that are responsible for the specific disease conditions or reduced fertility. The study of chromosomes is performed both prenatally and in the postnatal period.

  • In prenatal karyotype analysis is performed on the cells of amniotic fluid or chorionic villus ones, this analysis allows us to know with certainty if the fetus is affected by alterations of chromosomal heritage. How it is made a cytogenetic examination? The exam consists of a visualization of single chromosomes through the acquisition of photographic images that are stored and analyzed by computer. This image analysis allows to highlight any numerical chromosomal anomalies (trisomies and monosomies), both structural, as translocations, deletions, duplications and inversions.
  • In the postnatal period instead karyotype analysis is generally performed on peripheral blood lymphocytes, this allows to recognize chromosomal abnormalities that are associated with a pathological condition, a reduced fertility and a higher probability of generating children with chromosomal disorder .

Galli offers several solutions for these surveys Cytogenetics.

From GTESTBOX model that allows the manipulation under controlled temperature and relative humidity parametrs. GFISH models for Fluorescence in situ hybridization. To GIBRY the hybridisation oven model, that with Rotissery is an ideal tool for the optimization of the mix of the probe under strict temperature control.

Furthermore, traditional cytogenetic methods are being replaced gradually by the aCGH method, in fact, the DNA arrays are now a standard tool for evaluating duplications and deletions of DNA in an individual.

If you use arrays of aCGH DNA, Galli offers the most suitable Scanners for your application.

Both for arrays of low and medium density, and for the BAC arrays or oligonucleotide arrays (size of less than 40 microns point), we have the ideal scanner for reading the slides.

13 July 2017
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